Mission, Visions & Values

Our values are centered around “The only way to reach a just multidimensional justice is through highly educated Earth citizenry”.  In order to move all humanity closest to the optimal coordinates of the fairest point we believe that: Education is necessary but not sufficient for any success!

We hope the story of our hero below will instantiate what we mean and strive for!

What’s the point of being rich with all our material, animalistic, and entertainment  desires fulfilled everyday, any time, right in our giant mansions or ranches, if we can’t earn a smile from our neighbors? Here’s what happen to rich poor Joe, a very  nice guy!

Every morning Joe’s all excited about his accomplishment. Recently, Joe noticed big changes when he walks around his neighborhood all happy and jumpy! He smiles to his  first neighbor but all  he gets back is a frown!  Sometimes the neighbor looks sad, sometimes unhappy or unhealthy, and sometimes all of the above! Joe thinks “Poor soul  having a bad day!”. He continues his walk toward the neighborhood coffee shop.  On his way , his sees a lots of thrash on the street, and lots on unhappy faces. He  thinks: ” hum my neighborhood is no longer  proud of their streets and how they look to visitors, or our mayor and his team are not doing their job?, or people don’t work like me and make it? “. At the coffee shop,  most customers seem preoccupied and pensive, none returning his enthusiastic signals!  Joe is getting tired of this environment and  starts pondering in search of answers.

Joes asks, “why would I want to live in such a downer neighborhood with all the luxury I can afford and the fat bank accounts I have?”.  He decides to move to the next big city.  However, after few days, he realizes the mood is the same as the neighborhood he left behind! Likewise out of state. So he searched for new places and better places in his great country. He decides to move again but this time  to his  favorite state of whom he has great souvenirs since when he visited scores ago!  After few weeks, he see no difference, the contagious bad mood seems all over! Where do I go now, Joe asks? May be I should can immigrate somewhere to enjoy my earthy accomplishments, he thought! He goes on the Web and try to find countries where the majority of people are still happy and proud to live.  No luck! It seems gloomy all over! Quit mother Earth and go live on another planet? It’s not time for that yet!

That’s when the question hits Joe: “What’s the point of having all that material and that wealth if I can’t enjoy life with my fellow neighbors, co-citizens, human? 

Joe starts introspecting his value system! I always thought that in my country, if one works hard one has a chance at making lots of money and having a decent life! What happen? This  introspection allowed Joe to have second look his assumptions about life! What does it mean to work hard? He used to assume that people are poor lack work ethics because his country is known a the “Land Of Opportunity”. And politicians and business always repeat  “Equal Opportunity Employment”. These slogan are true but Joe realized that “Opportunity and Equal Opportunity” don’t matter if we are not matter if we are not starting at the same place!

Joe  retraced his starting point! He inherited a  house, a fat bank account, and many rich family friends, who helped him get a great education, get great jobs, and hire savvy financiers to help him invest his money and exploit tax loopholes. Is that “Starting Point” available to all the people he has been running into in the places he has been moving through? Yes, the country and the economical system contains the same opportunities but do all the citizens have the same means to leverage those opportunities? It’s like a race to highest floor of a sky-scrapper where the treasures are at the last floor! Everybody has a shot at the treasures but do the ones who start at the first floor have the same shot at the treasures as those who start at second, third, 10th floors?

Clearly the answer is no! clearly the rules of the “Making It” game are not fair and “equal opportunity” is just one factor to a fair race! Then Joe asks, “Is it fair or ethical to play and win a game by the unfair rules?

Sofar, Joe has always felt that he didn’t create the socio-economical rules therefore he’s not responsible for their fairness! However, Joe’s recent experiences showed him the consequences of using the system as is to compete and win! And he doesn’t like the consequences he lived through!

Joe bumped against this question: “I were able to create a lot of wealth, can I create a little happiness around me?”

He decided to go back to his original city and start thinking at the next level. The level at which we can adapt the rules of the  system and move them toward more balanced ecosystem that make happiness reachable for all!

Back in his original city, Joe upgraded his thoughts  and started using his wealth,  personal enthusiasm,   and optimism about humanity to live with new visions and responsibilities! He started prospecting how start schools that empower people with knowledge and skills that help them make sound decisions that lead to health not to obesity,  skills  that allow the to add value to enterprises and organizations thatthat work for the common goiod not for might Prophits (Profits)!  

He keeps thinking about those sad and preoccupied neighbors and asking: “How can I bring my knowledge, skills, and wealth to help them regain their optimism and joys so that they can return my smiles and my salutations?  So that they can understand friends from foes, not fall prey to the dishonest, they can understand that  keeping our streets and parks clean makes us all  proud participants enjoying healthy and joyful lives! “

That’s how companies, like Engoders, are born! By people who want a happy and healthy planet! A planet with fair  Companies and organizations but most importantly where the teachers  and the students, the governors and the governed  work honestly to bring everyone along with  enthusiasm and the joy to live and the wealth to do it!

Where the owners share what they know  and what they have to enable their fellow human. Fellow human replaced by greedy and unscrupulous capital owners who all they want is efficient technologies to replace and  obsolete,  their close and far away, neighbors as fast as possible!  We want to give new meaning to efficiency and effectiveness.

At Engoders, we want  to bring every one along so that we share the good and the bad of the human journey!   We want to enable our neighbors, i.e our planet-mates, to understand and leverage those technologies to solve their problems and the problems of their neighbors so that we turn everyone into a creative and productive proud and happy positively participating Hube (Human being)!

We believe we can do it through an Education that target continuous life enhancement through solutions to existing and new problems! Education that not only teach people how to think but also how to apply their thoughts to help themselves and the next hube! Education that makes every human proud, happy, enthusiastic , knowledgeable and effective contributor to the well-beings of all!Keep in mind that Knowledge is a Necessary but not sufficient condition to enablement.We strive to take Earth Inhabitants to the next level!

In short, we strive to endow every human with the power to know, invent, behave just like the God their cherish to keep the human journey forever going till we reach Engodiment!

Join us!