✔ OUR ECOMERCE (EC): WE BUY AND SELL ORIGINAL IDEAS that may save human species!

✔OUR TEAM with more than 2000 years, since the dawn of education, with knowledge and wisdom since Socrates to @man can definitely help you know, enjoy, see beyond the nebula, become enabled and happier!

​If you commit to success we help you reach it. We believe that education is not just knowing how but also why? What if 2 + 2 isn’t equal to 4? Could you conceive of such a World? Or you know why 2 + 2= 4? Can you explain it to a kid, or the kids in your neighborhood?

Here’s the team

  • Ratiba Chermat, President and founding member.

Ratiba has more than 25 years of scientific experience that she used to perform work in different capacities in businesses and education. Ratiba holds a Bachelor of Science and many other certifications in health and educational fields. She has great experience in human management as she raised a family of 4 future leaders while advising and assisting the CEO and other involved members in sound decisions making in all aspects of the business. Currently, she manages our infrastructures and company relationships with our external partners including accounting and taxes partners.

  • Atman Nouiouat, CEO & Chairman of the Board.

With more than 36 years working in Information Technology (IT), Atman was able to learn,  explore, and experience hands-on as well as develop and deliver for all the 7Layers of IT from the “bits” to the Graphis to the human element. Atman spent the last 20 years leading a Business practice for deploying SAP’s mission critical enterprise business solutions and training their customers Worldwide. Prior to that, he developed and taught courses on computers Architecture, Assembly and higher level languages programming at San Jose State University, a curriculum on IT, eCommerce, IT Security, robotics and STIC(Space-Time Independent Computing) that he delivered for 10 years at UC Santa Cruz in Silicon Valley. Earlier Atman developed and delivered Operating System, hardware, and Math  courses at Sawyer College while attending Santa Clara University (SCU). He holds a Master in Computer Engineering and MBA from SCU, a DEA in Computer Science from Paul Sabatier, Toulouse France, an Engineering degree from the Algerian National Institute of Informatics and few certifications in UNIX, SAP Technologies, and ISACA/CISA. Currently, Atman is focused on in-Memory Computing, Deep Machine Learning, STIC, IT-Business Process evolution, Inventonomy and how best to transfer his insights and experiences in IT and emerging technologies to  the “next” fellow human beings through Engoders endeavors!

  • Mouloud Kabes.

Our Software Engineering and Application development adviser.  Mouloud spent a lifelong harnessing technology to help humanity leveraging it. He brings the power of Mathematics modeling to complex human problems. He then helps customers’ engineer and program those models into concrete machinery such as vibration control systems for the aerospace industry, electronic circuitry and devices  for the hi-tech Industry sector. In addition, Mouloud is an expert in Software Engineering and the applications of Software, such as SPICE and similar, to complex circuit analysis and validation. He codes in Object Oriented, such as C/ C++ and Java as well as in embedded C and Assembly.

Mouloud holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Algiers and a Master in Computer Science from San Diego State University in California. Mouloud’s experience is essential to Engoders DIY (Do-IT-Yourself/Hands-On) approach to learning.

  • Robert Bonneau, CTO. 

Bob is our go to guru when it comes to large Enterprise Business Applications such as SAP Business Suite that was recently migrated to SAP S/4 HANA, and Oracle Apps, as well as Relational Database technology modeling and development, AI Based Applications. After graduation from UC Berkeley, Bob became IT Director for small-business in San Francisco and helped them automate their business practices by setting up a whole new IT infrastructure. That experience made  Bob move from Mathematics to IT and later join SAP educational services where he trained scores of SAP Consultants on SAP Applications deployment, security, and development, while advising SAP customers on Business Solutions deployments. He later into SAP Consulting for Fortune500 enterprises in North America.

Bob holds BS and Master in Engineering, and  MA in Mathematics from  UC Berkeley, California .  Currently, Bob oversees the SAP Consulting and training program development at Engoders while keeping an eye on integrating emerging IT trends into our practices.

  • Kader Benaouda.

Kader brings an extremely important international vision to our team as well as

great knowledge and expertise in the telecommunication sector and new trends of 5G and Big Data. Kader spent years working and managing projects at AT&T Bell Labs where he developed Telecom Systems and their design, QA testing and other requirements. He later moved to the marketing to help  Bell Labs Sales and Marketing division market and deploy the Telecom Systems. Kader was at the heart of the planning and execution of  the transition processes to the Wireless/Mobility world at Pacific Bell then Verizon Wireless. He currently spends his time crisscrossing the World marketing and explaining American Mobile technology to the World.

Kader holds a BS in Mathematics from Oran, University and 2 Masters (Operations Research and a second one  in Industrial Engineering)  from Stanford University, in California.

Kader assists Engoders in identifying and developing a strategies to address the World needs in IT and Communication in practical knowhow and educational needs.

  • Bachir Khababa.

Our  Worldwide  Marketing and Sales specialist and adviser.

Bachir  is a graduate of the University of Algeria at Constantine where he earned a BS of Science that he topped with a Master of Science in Fluid Dynamic and Heat Transfer, at the University of Syracuse, NY. After years as a teacher and researcher in science and technology at INELEC,  he founds the secret of applying “Dynamism and fluidity”  to the art of selling and marketing. He applied his technical knowledge to marketing and selling big ticket machinery  for sometime throughout North America. He then moved on to start and manage his own service business.

Bachir has great skills in simplifying the complex and selling it as well as great knowledge of the regional  US and California markets. That’s when we caught up with him and asked him to help us develop Engoders Education and Consulting  local customers base, and develop World strategies  At Engoders we are definitely benefiting from his skills and insights in Sales and market development.