“A branch of knowledge that develops systematic methods, practices, and rules to inventing and creativity.”

We think there is so much Human brains potentials wasted in our World! Can you believe that only 0.0001% of human beings are enabled to think inventively and are called inventors! WHY?

If the Human Genius Ratio (HuGeR) is at 0.0001%, how can we expect to beat COVID, go to Mars, repair living beings, or create our Artificial Planets so that we can voyage and explore the Universe?

We don’t just want to voyage for fun! We MUST run away from our dying Sun in 5 Billion years!

Here’s what Science says out what’s going to happen to our Sun and Planet “In approximately 5 billion years, the sun will begin the helium-burning process, turning into a red giant star. When it expands, its outer layers will consume Mercury and Venus, and reach Earth. Scientists are still debating whether or not our planet will be engulfed, or whether it will orbit dangerously close to the dimmer star. Either way, life as we know it on Earth will cease to exist. “ Plagiarized from Red Giant Stars: Facts, Definition & the Future of the Sun | Space

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Don’t you want to save your future kids and human representatives for eternity? Even you don’t care, do you care to have a non-zero probability that human species continues forever? That might give you a chance to get back to life again! That’s what helping humanity to keep going might give you!

At Engoders, we think that in 5 Billion years Mars would be habitable. If not Jupiter would have grown into a Planet favoring life as we know it!

At the long run, we think Humanity will evolve but never disappear because it’s “A Brain with each thinking being as neuron” in this Cosmos. We are thus the mechanism by which Nature, or the Universe, keep evolving! It’s as if Mother nature was evolving to get to us and now she handed the responsibility of evolution to us!

We are creative Universal Machines constantly improving that can’t go away! We never stop asking questions and improving life in that endeavor we stumble on solutions without planning them because they are necessary to evolutions! in a sense , it’s our global Subconscious (the sum of all Subconscious elements) that’s programmed to lead us to unplanned solutions. That’s how we stumbled into Mathematics, Sciences, and many other things!

We are currently, without planning it, learning how to create our own planets and adapt life to gravity-less spaces. As well as replicate living-beings like us and beyond! We think that’s what the ISS (International Space Station ) and the Chinese Tiangong Space Station are early Artificial Planets (AP) prototypes! Once we consciously realize that, we then start working on Planets where all life necessities are available and sustainable for long term!

In 5 Billion years, future human would have grownup to understand that they have to work together to confront Universal Challenges and have fun together! Fun by then would be steer the A.Ps toward peaceful Stars, away from Blackholes and exploding Stars, to park them and continue life! That’s what we call “Conquering the Universe ” and that’s why we need Inventonomics to bring HuGeR closer to 100% as soon as we can!

But don’t worry, as we stated above our Destiny is to evolve but never disappear! That’s why we are stumbling upon “Inventonomics”!


We practice Inventonomics as “Inventonomy “!

The people of this World will develop methods, models, and algorithms for automated creativity that are taught to every generation at different educational phases. One obvious way is to create Expert-Systems by extracting the knowhow from existing Inventors! Those Inventors are going to pitch in and pass on their ways of thinking and problem solving to enable everyone to think like them. Those Inventonomics-enabled kids are going to grow and become teachers, engineers, lawyers, and leaders to get humanity 2.0 on the next track. Those future generation will study and practice Inventonomy


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