Contact & EC

What ever your questions, or contributions feel free to get in touch. !

Engoders planifie l’ouverture d’un Lab de recherche, cette annee. Si vous etes dans les domaines Informatique/IT, Electronique, ou Design, svp envoyez nous vos CV atravers cette page. Merci.

Educational & Practice Locations

Space -Time Independent!
But we Operate from Silicon Valley, California, USA.

BIG World Problems

The two extremes of the current World Order: Capitalism and Communism/Socialism didn’t work for humanity! No need to prove anything, as we see 75% of our World inhabitants don’t feel good about it!

what can we do? Reboot Human Thinking!

Available Practices & Education

Existing like STEM, IT, IT Security, SAP Practice, ECommerce, and to be invented Sciences (Inventonomics ) Technologies, and Universes! You ask!