SAP Consulting and Training

SAP systems

SAP System (Fig.1 ) is a container where all SAP Business Applications are deployed and used at run time. It’s made of few Components that are installed on the Computer Servers that the Customers chooses and sizes according to SAP Deployment Methodology (ASAP, Run SAP, and Currently SAP Activate). SAP Provides frameworks SAP Solutions Deployment management that include teams, projects, and phases and methods to take a Solution from Install-to-Use in production mode and then support and maintain. Additionally, SAP provides Best Practices, Consulting, and Training Services along a whole ecosystem of third party providers that competes for the same same services!

Today, leveraging In-Memory Computing through SAP HANA Platform and/or RDBMS and the IT industry movement to Cloud and SaaS trends, SAP provides the

same services with 3 different schemes of deployment of their Business Solutions:

On-Premise, in the SAP Cloud, and Hybrid deployment and usage.

Our Training and Consulting offering on SAP Solutions and technologies extends to legacy SAP Systems and the latest HANA  Based deployment and Solutions Management such S/4Hana, C/4Hana, Cloud deployments and connections, development and Security.

  • .SAP Applications span the range of all business scale from small businesses to medium to very large global Enterprises and organizations.
  • They are the leader worldwide in Enterprise software such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Supply Chain Management (SCM).
  • SAP Systems have unique Architecture that make Business Applications running on them: Distributed, Scalable, Portable across all major Computers, Operating Systems, and Databases (RDBMS). SAP Also lead in Memory Computing with their HANA Platform that provide whole Enterprise Application Stack (RDBMS, Application Server, Business Applications )layer that can be deployed on Premise, in the Cloud, or hybrid topologies.
  • SAP Consulting
  • SAP Systems Installations, Patching (SP/SPS, EHOs), Upgrades
  • SAP Applications Deployment: Customizing, Configuration, Security (Internal and External), CTS/TMS
  • Administration, Performance Management, Troubleshooting
  • Fiori deployment and Development
  • SAP Projects Management
  • SAP Training
  • SAP Technology and Architecture. System Administration, Change and Transport Management, Workload Analysis and Performance.
  • Security: Application and system level Security Assessment, Roles, SSO, and Configurations and validation, optimizations.
  • Using SAP Systems
  • Integration to Solman and cross SAP Applications
  • Introductions to ABAP, JAVA development
  • FIORI Configurations and Development.
  • Other SAP Needs on Demand.