Our leaders started security education in Silicon Valley, CA in the 1990’s when security was just a nebula in the evolving IT galaxy. For more than a decade we developed and delivered safeguarding IT resources from the users to the electrons that make up the bits. We delivered training courses on host security (Hardware+ O.S), network security (Firewalls, EC/Web, VPNs, nets and intranets, ), Communication Security (cryptography, digital signature, and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure based on X509 Certificates), to social engineering techniques and User enablement. We then moved up the IT Stack to the Application Layers (RDBMS, Enterprise Applications e.g SAP, Middleware gateways, routers, and client software over LANs, WANs, XANs).

We are here to enable more people, enterprises, organizations, and countries and planets to deal with the evolving IT security modern madness! Let’s team up!

Curriculum : Note the Units below may represent one or more classes we can deliver for you. They are function of the target audience. For example for business leaders we would simplify the technical details and emphasize the business strategic and tactical aspects. For the technical teams we would generally emphasize the technical aspects.

1.Information Security (ITSEC)

  • 1.1 Guiding Principles
  • 1.2 Goals Alignment
  • 1.3 Policies
  • 1.4 Everything has Vulnerabilities
    • Every Vulnerability has one or more Threats
    • V/T Hierarchization

2. External Versus of Internal Security

  • Authentication vs Authorizations
  • Security Levels (Source-to-Destination)
    • Users level
    • Network/Cloud layers
    • Hardware/Chip Level
    • Operating System Level
    •  Applications levels
  • 3. IT Generic Networking topologies
    • Network Topologies (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, …)
    • Networking Devices and Roles
    • Protocols
  • 4. Security Practices at different levels
    • Network Security versus Components Security
    • Network Security
      • Firewalls, and Intrusion Detection Systems,…
    • Viruses
    • Application Specific Security/Attacks.
    • Authentication Techniques (Classic, Cryptographic, Token, multifactor)
    • Authorization techniques (Permissions, Authorizations, Roles, ….)
  • Security Tools
  • Policies and soft protection techniques.
  • Security Audits and Assessment
    • Techniques
    • Tools
  • 5. Advanced Topics
    • Chip-level Security
    • The Onion Routing
    • Block Chain Technology
    • Mitigation Strategies
    • Resources
  • 6. On-Demand Development and Delivery  Security
    • Application Specific (SAP, Operating Systems, RDBMSes)
    • Environment Specific


God Blesses Humanity!