List of course we provide now and that can be customized and/or extended based on your requirements. Our approach here is Top-down but the delivery could be bottom-up when appropriate.

Mostly inspired by the 7-Layers IT Stack for large Software Applications.

Information Technology

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Computers Architecture and Evolution Trends.
  • Networked Intelligent Devices: Protocols, Requirements, Topologies and Industry practices.
  • Computers and Physics.
    • Electricity and Electronics foundations
    • From Transistors to Logical gates
    • Digital Design
    • Processors, Micro-Controllers, Types of Computer Storage, I/O Devices technologies
  • Introduction to Computers Minds and their Extensions
    • Firmware (Subconscious)
    • Software and its Extensions
    • Operating Systems (O.S)
    • Applications
  • Integration
    • Hardware Integration
    • Software Integration
  • Software Applications
    • Scientific Applications
      • Modeling and Simulations
      • Pure Sciences (Math packages)
      • Technology Development
    • Business Applications (Using SAP Applications Portfolio)
      • ERP, CRM, SCM, HCM, XYZM
      • Ecommerce
      • B2B
      • Publishing, Media, Entertainment (Gaming, Web Publishing, Art generation, …)